Thomas More Law Center News Alert

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As you are (hopefully) aware, states have passed Amendments to their respective Constitutions defining marriage between one man and one woman. Each time, leftist activists have filed complaints with federal courts, and the courts have routinely overturned the will of the people. Federal courts are allowing the minority to govern the majority, dictating todays social norms by judicial fiat. The courts are justifying immorality under the guise of...

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It Only Took 97 Seconds For This Congressman To Destroy Obama Over The Benghazi Scandal

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Republican Congressman Tom Cotton appeared on the House floor to call out the Democrats for their fake outrage. “Four Americans lost their lives that night in Benghazi. They deserve justice, and the American people deserve the truth. One other lesson I learned in the Army is we leave no man behind. And we will not leave these four men behind.” Read more at...

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Where Was The Tea Party

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Members, There were several primaries for Washington D.C. offices this week, and tea party candidates were on the ballots in many of those races. Every one of them got a shellacking. Who would have thought that Boehner would be re-elected, especially after his plans to push amnesty was exposed? Even though Mitch McConnell has a tea party-backed challenger receiving campaign contributions from out of state, Mitch maintains a solid lead at this...

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Abuse of Power

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Anyone who isn’t brain dead knows Obama has nearly fulfilled his 2008 promise to fundamentally transform America. It’s now evident that Obama thinks that as president, he has the authority to disregard our system of equal branches of government, and rule like a third-world tyrant. Sadly, and just as disturbing as Obama’s actions, many in congress are collaborating with Obama. Others, for whatever reason, are afraid to act, let...

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Old Butch

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Here is an object lesson in Political Philosophy:   Fred was in the fertilized egg business. He had several hundred young ‘pullets,’ and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs. He kept records, and any rooster not performing went into the soup pot and was replaced. This took a lot of time, so he bought some tiny bells and attached them to his roosters. Each bell had a different tone, so he could tell from a distance, which rooster was...

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