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Impeach Obama for Benghazi?

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Judge Jeanine has articulated the best argument for impeachment to date. Once you hear her argument, you’ll see why the democrat leadership is planning to protest the House Special Committee headed by Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.). There IS no truthful counter-argument. Judge Jeanine: Mr. President you have not protected us Why wouldn’t we impeach Obama for...

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Incremental Sharia Law

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Much of the public is still ignorant to the ways Sharia Law ( a.k.a. Political Islam ) is incrementally implemented on an unsuspecting public. It is skillfully forced on non-muslims by pressuring small government entities and privately-owned businesses under the guise of religious requirements for muslims. There are too many instances of this political / religious pressure to pass on here, but as an example, it was reported a couple years ago that the Atlanta airport now has foot-baths to accommodate muslim rituals. This year, we saw that a public school in Tennessee sent students home with notes telling parents that pork products would not be allowed in school lunches. ( Thankfully, those parents pushed back immediately, and that mandate was rescinded.) The...

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