Of Course the Second Amendment Protects an Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms

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Progressives like to insist that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects a collective, rather than an individual, right to “keep and bear arms.” Or, put another way, they say that the only right Americans have to the ownership of lethal weaponry exists within the context of state-sanctioned military service. As a result, progressives conclude that there is nothing in place to stop the federal government from prohibiting the...

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Democrat lawmakers rage over ‘Mosques Exposed’ video

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A Republican state lawmaker from Tennessee is under attack from Democrats because he disseminated a video that criticizes Islam. Petition Congress to ‘halt Muslim immigration now’ Mt. Juliet Rep. Susan Lynn found herself likened to racists from the 1960s on Tuesday for sharing copies of a DVD, titled “America’s Mosques Exposed: Video Evidence They Are War Factories,” on behalf of a constituent. Democrats and allied activists denounced Lynn as a...

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