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FaceBook Dog & Pony Show?

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I’ve been hearing a lot of comments the last couple days –rightly or not — about the need for the government to intervene and regulate Facebook because it’s a monopoly. The problem with that is twofold; 1) F.B. is a privately owned business that uses public airways to supply a service to the public. If you don’t like your private affairs shared, then either don’t post them online or find another social media outlet. There are other forms of social media the public has access to, and there’s no requirement to use F.B.. It’s the consumer’s choice to either continuing using F.B. or go to another media source. And besides, everyone of us have “signed” a user agreement that tells us our information can...

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Raid an Office?

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So Trump’s atty’s offices were raided bright and early Monday morning. Since then, the political world has gone bananas. The faithful viewers of CNN are salivating at the prospects that the raid will lead to indictments against Trump, while the right is going ballistic at the apparent violation of lawyer-client privilege. I don’t think that either is accurate. Here’s what I’ve been able to glean from all the reports I’ve read. If there’s evidence that an atty is acting in an unethical manner, whether on behalf of his client or himself, his offices can be raided. An atty cannot skirt the law, abuse the judicial system, or conduct business in an illegal manner and hide behind the cloak of attorney / client privilege....

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