A GREAT guide to find out where the gubernatorial candidates stand on the issues

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Fellow Tennesseans

We WILL have a new governor this year. Who it will be depends on how the people vote. Will they cast their vote based on research, or will they vote simply on emotion?

I and others received the following email earlier today from the founder of Family Action Council of Tennessee, and I think this is a must-watch. It’s a valuable tool. Here, you have an opportunity to listen to each candidate’s response to the same nine questions. You can replay each candidate’s answer, and compare it to the others. And you can replay their answers multiple times ( which I suggest).  By replaying their answers, you can pick up idiosyncrasies, and determine who is actually answering the question vs. dancing around the issue in hopes of hiding their true opinions.

In Liberty,

Steve Osborn

SCTP Chairman

SCTP Chairman


Find Out Where the Gubernatorial Candidates Stand on the Issues

Soon Tennesseans will vote for the person they want to represent their party when our next governor is elected in November. Since the primary will determine your choices come November, now is the time to find out where the candidates stand on issues involving marriage, family, life, and religious liberty.

This year we asked all of the gubernatorial candidates to provide video responses to nine different questions. For example, we asked them whether sexual orientation and gender identity should be specially protected under our state’s civil rights laws; whether K-12 public school students should have their privacy protected when using school locker rooms and bathrooms; and whether Christian adoption agencies should have their views regarding marriage respected.

All this great information to watch and share with your friends and family is available at our sister website, TNVoterGuide.org.

Watch the Gubernatorial Videos

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