A new government !

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A new government !

The most popular phrase I’ve seen on social media since Trump’s victory is “Ding dong, the witch is dead”. For myself, there’s nothing I like better than seeing Hillary go down in defeat ( again ! ).¬† To be frank, I would have hated to be in the room when she started throwing ashtrays and furniture, and cussing at everyone in sight as she blamed them all for her loss. ( And I’m sure that those folks are really glad Hillary is so anti-Second Amendment, if you get my drift.)

We now know for certain that she is denied nominating a far-left Justice to SCOTUS. We now know that she can’t impose anti-Second Amendment Executive Orders on the American People. There are many other good things that could be said about the election, including the fact that both bodies of congress remain in Republican hands.

Enjoy the win, folks. Relish it.

If you recall the email I sent a few weeks ago, I described how the Electoral College works. Thank God for the wisdom of our founders. As of this writing
( Wednesday evening), Hillary beat Trump in the popular vote by 1.2%. Without the College, she would be our next president. This is the second time in 20 years that the College benefited the republicans who live in “fly-over country”. Off the top of my head, I can’t point to a single time the College benefited the heavily populated liberal coasts.

Regardless, the fact that the republicans retained control of both chamber of congress AND won the White House means that not only have the people spoken, but giving the republicans two branches of government means they better do the people’s bidding, and quit making excuses. This IS a mandate.

But after the new year, we can’t forget that when Trump takes his seat in the Oval Office, the things he promised will be met with congressional and Court resistance. We have to remember that many many politicians are personally profiting from big government programs because of lobbyist money. They will not be prone to cutting themselves off from that money tree. Bureaucracies will not go away either, and those agencies will not stop trying to control society. Too many in Washington are there for power, not to protect individual Liberty or the spirit of the Constitution.

While we are all waiting for a Trump administration to start changing things in Washington, we at the grass roots level can’t sit back and hope he gets everything done by himself. While we’ll do our part to hold the republican’s feet to the fire, this is the perfect opportunity to strengthen our hand at the state level.

When I accepted the request to be your tea party chairman again, I said we’re going to concentrate our efforts more at the state and local levels where our real power lies. While it’s true that the House Freedom Caucus in D.C. is fighting for the same constitutional principles we do, it’s been proven time and again that our concerns and petitions have largely fallen on deaf, weak, and / or corrupt ears in Washington. We were promised multiple times that if we gave the republican party control of both chambers of congress, they would stop Obama’s leftist agenda, de-fund Planned Parenthood, repeal Obama-Care, and actually pass a constitutionally require budget. We’re still waiting for republican leadership to fulfill those promises.

On the other hand, we’ve seen first hand what can be accomplished if we involve ourselves in local and state governments.

A few years ago, our past chairman, Rob Bremer, led the SCTP to victory in the fight against the implementation of Agenda 21 in Sevier county. More recently, we’ve seen how Dr. Marc Hayes and his committee fought against A.F.F.H., simply by educating local officials. Because of their efforts, it now appears our local governments will refuse H.U.D. A.F.F.H. money that would destroy local control of housing and zoning regulations. We’ve also seen that when we joined forces with Americans For Prosperity ( AFP), we were able to stop governor Haslam’s plan to expand Obama-Care in Tennessee under the name Insure Tennessee.

There are other victories our tea party has enjoyed, but these three examples highlight some of the most notable accomplishment the SCTP can boast about. And, they are just the tip of the iceberg of things we can accomplish.

These accomplishments were possible because our Founders established a Constitutional Republic. They created this Republic so the people would have the greatest influence on local and state government.¬† Their idea was, if the citizenry engaged the governments closest to them, then those governments of the several sovereign states would in turn influence the federal government in a manner that would actually reflect the will of the people. That’s the key to a Constitutional Republic. And I believe Tennessee is poised to be the leader in putting the federal government back in the box where it belongs, and reverse the pattern of authoritarian top-down federal mandates.

During the last General Assembly (G.A.) session, the G.A. passed legislation that was signed by the governor strengthening the state’s D.U.I. laws. Just last month, the G.A. was called into Special Session because the federal government, after reviewing our new law, said that it didn’t comply with federal standards. And, if the state did not rewrite the law to conform, the feds would withhold transportation funds. As the G.A. was heading to Nashville, Rep. Alexander expressed outrage, saying “…This is blackmail. The federal government is holding our money hostage”.

It appears the state is ready to tell the federal government to go fly a kite. The mood of some legislators certainly is ready. The House is also ready to vote some conservative legislators into positions of power. Rep. Jimmy Matlock is running for House Speaker. Rep. Mike Carter is running for House Leader. And it appears Rep. Timothy Hill will retain his position as House Majority Whip. All three representatives are very conservative. Without divulging too much of my conversations, there appears to be plans to exercise the 10th Amendment in such a way that the state will legislatively  be strengthened and better able to refuse unconstitutional edicts from Washington.

I hope that the state will also refuse to recognize opinions handed down from the Supreme Court that are contrary to the Spirit and wording of the Constitution, or opinions that violate state sovereignty. That will depend greatly on the next State’s Attorney General (which needs to be a position voted on by the public, and not appointed by the governor. But that’s a topic for an other discussion). Without state sovereignty, we’re no different than Canada who’s Provinces are simply enforcers of a central government’s whims and edicts.

I can also tell you that I’ve recently been in contact with other area Liberty leaders. We will be meeting in the not-too-distant future to formulate a regional plan, and combine our “forces” to be a stronger influence in Nashville. When the time is right, I’ll share more about this plan.

When the people’s voices are united, they can be heard. Each of us working together, coupled with working with other Liberty leaders in the area, stand a much better chance of working with representatives in Nashville, and ultimately influencing the state to exercise their Tenth Amendment authority, and do their part to preserve and protect our God Given Liberties as defined in the Constitution.

Stay engaged.

In Liberty,
Steve Osborn
SCTP Chairman

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor”.
our founding Fathers