About Us

About Us

The Sevier County Tea Party (SCTP) is a not-for-profit group of local patriotic citizens who are deeply concerned about America’s future and the protection of the liberties guaranteed by our Constitution.

Since the early 1900s, the progressive (liberal) movement has pushed this country toward larger government, higher taxes, more entitlements, less economic freedom and less security. Our individual liberties are continuously under attack.

The SCTP is part of a nationwide movement which began in earnest in early 2009, demanding that our federal government adhere to the limits which are directly applied by the Constitution of the United States. There are no political affiliations and citizens from all or no political party are welcome to participate.

For information on our Steering Committee and Action Teams, click HERE.

Our Mission
To promote and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility.

Who Is This Site For?
We welcome all proud Tennesseans and patriotic Americans who believe these concepts must be revitalized and preserved for the sake of future generations.

Our Plan
We will meet on a regular basis to discuss and prioritize ways to influence our local, state and national leadership towards a return to Constitutionally limited governance, fiscal responsibility and the liberties enshrined in our founding documents. We will also organize events and community rallies for specific dates. These rallies, held individually or in concert with other TEA Party groups across the Nation, are intended to send a clear message to the folks in Washington D.C., reminding them of who it is they’re actually working for and accountable to.

Here is a flyer on the Sevier County Tea Party that you can download in PDF format. Feel free to print some out and give to your friends that may be interested in joining up.