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March 1, 2017 Gas Tax Protest

Wednesday, (March 1),  150 activists from around the state sat in on the Transportation Subcommittee Hearing to show our displeasure with the governor's proposed Improve TN gas tax increase. A lot of procedural trickery happened in an effort to give the public impression that the bill was rewritten by adding multiple amendments. One amendment adopted the Hawk Bill language -- the proposal to take one half of one percent of existing sales tax to fund TDOT. By adding this amendment, it effectively killed consideration for the original Hawk bill.  It's fully expected that when  Improve TN goes to the full committee, this and other amendment will be stripped, and the original Improve TN bill will pass in its original language.  If and when that happens, we will identify every republican who voted for Improve TN so you will know who voted to raise your cost of living.