Angry White Democrat

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If you haven’t heard by now that Rep. Scalise and other republicans were shot today by a gunman who reportedly fired anywhere from 30 to 60 rounds ( depending on the report), you need to get out from under your rock. Thankfully, Capitol Police were able to neutralize the shooter before an absolute slaughter took place. And as I write this, it’s reported that the shooter is now taking his eternal dirt nap. But that’s not why...

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Glenn Jacobs for Knox County Mayor

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Many of you are familiar with Glenn Jacobs. He’s a staunch, unapologetic conservative, and an expert on economics. When he’s not working as a professional wrestler under the name Kane, he hits the speaking circuit talking about the Constitution, government, and economics.     A few years ago, he and his wife opened Jacobs’ Insurance in Knoxville, and has since opened a second office.     Glenn is passionate about...

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The Republicans Did It To Us

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In my earlier email, I said I’d do some research on how our representatives voted when debating the fuel tax increase. The following is an email that our Vice Chairman is submitting to the Mountain Press. In Liberty, Steve Osborn SCTP Chairman Dear editor, The full TN House of Representatives debated Governor Haslam’s IMPROVE Act, now called the Tax Cut of 2017 ( an oxymoron ), on Wednesday. The Act as proposed will raise fuel taxes...

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More on the Proposed Gas Tax

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Senate leadership stated over the weekend that any alternate plan to Haslam’s gas tax increase is a non-starter. The House, being a separate chamber, is working on their own plan that will fund TDOT without raising taxes, in spite of what Senate leaders say. Both chambers are set to go to Joint Committee within the next couple weeks to hammer out the differences between the two proposals coming from their respective bodies.  It’s...

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Farm Bureau members – READ THIS

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The facebook post below is Rhedona Rose the VP of the Tennessee Farm Bureau’s response to a long time customer on the issue of Farm Bureau’s support of the gas tax and in state tuition for illegal aliens. Apparently Farm Bureau cares more about illegals than long time citizen customers. Call your local farm bureau and complain at least or cancel if feasible and let them know why! Number to Farm Bureau HQ is 931 388-7872. I’m...

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