Coming Events

Our next meeting

will be THURSDAY, April 19, 2018 at 6:30pm
3rd floor of the Sevier County Courthouse, Commission Chambers

We’ll have three — count ’em — THREE speakers at our April meeting. And we’ll get them all in our allotted time !

First, we’ll hear from Jim Deanda who’s running for the Third District Seat A of the county commission. Then, we’ll hear from our county mayor, Larry Waters. Lastly, Lyle Hill will give a 30-40 minute powerpoint presentation on the Bill of Rights.

We encourage you to bring your kids and grandkids to this meeting, especially if they’re homeschooled. We’ve been informed that if homeschooled kids attend this meeting, it can be credited toward their education in civics because of the powerpoint presentation.

PLUS !! After the presentation, the kids will have an opportunity to win a $30 gift card from Walmart ! So it’s not just for homeschooled students !

Here’s how the drawing works:

After the presentation there will be three questions asked, one at a time. After each question, the student will write his or her name on a piece of paper with their answer. Then those answers will be collected and put in a box corresponding to the question. Once all the answers are collected and put in the appropriate box, there will be a drawing. The first student’s name drawn for each question that has the correct answer will receive a $30 gift card.

The presentation is better suited for sixth grade on up, but all kids are welcome to participate because the questions will be from the presentation.

Please join us April 19th on the third floor of the county courthouse starting at 6:30. It should be a fun time. And bring a friend !! They may learn something, too !