It’s a New Day in America!

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There are so many good things to say about today’s peaceful transition of power. There’s no way I can list all of them. But hopefully, I can sum it up by saying that Marxism has been rejected by the American people, and hope for constitutional governance has once again been embraced. It just doesn’t get any better’n that. The mood of today is a complete contrast to when the Marxist was sworn in. Eight years ago, there...

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RINOs!!! What are they doing – again? Nothing of substance

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I think we’re getting a good idea of what changes we’ll see in Washington with a completely republican controlled federal government.  Not much, I’m afraid. Shortly after Trump’s victory, certain prominent republican senators stated that repealing ObamaCare will take years. The logic is, in short, it’s so embedded now that to repeal it without harming the minority of citizens who benefited from it makes repealing...

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What a contrast

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The communist dictator of Cuba died Friday night. He came to power through a coup, promising Cubans equality. He fulfilled that promise. The average Cuban is equally poor and oppressed. When Fidel Castro overthrew the Batista regime through a coup, he eliminated free enterprise by forcing entrepreneurs into relinquishing  businesses they built, confiscated money earned from their business, and proclaimed businesses as state property in order to...

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A new government !

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The most popular phrase I’ve seen on social media since Trump’s victory is “Ding dong, the witch is dead”. For myself, there’s nothing I like better than seeing Hillary go down in defeat ( again ! ).  To be frank, I would have hated to be in the room when she started throwing ashtrays and furniture, and cussing at everyone in sight as she blamed them all for her loss. ( And I’m sure that those folks are...

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The Power of a Sovereign State

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At our last membership meeting, I spoke of three incidents that highlight the effort of the left to destroy Americanism and pride in our history. One incident in particular was a mayor in New York who ordered the fire department to remove the American flag from firetrucks, using the excuse that the waving flag was a hazard to the firemen and other drivers. The entire fire department should have told the mayor that they would not obey, and...

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Ask Sevier County to follow the lead of 12 other States!

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President Obama is attempting to blackmail states, public school boards, and administrators by saying that if they don’t allow boys to utilize girls bathrooms if they self-identify as a gender other than what’s on their birth certificate, he will withhold federal education funds. This is not only blatantly unconstitutional and another attack on American values designed to fundamentally transform America, but it’s dangerous....

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