Angry White Democrat

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If you haven’t heard by now that Rep. Scalise and other republicans were shot today by a gunman who reportedly fired anywhere from 30 to 60 rounds ( depending on the report), you need to get out from under your rock. Thankfully, Capitol Police were able to neutralize the shooter before an absolute slaughter took place. And as I write this, it’s reported that the shooter is now taking his eternal dirt nap. But that’s not why I’m writing this. Initially, few in the media speculated on the shooter or his motive. But the Washington Post found a Face Book page that apparently identifies the shooter as an angry white democrat who posted on his page –among other things — that “Trump is a traitor. Trump has destroyed our democracy. It’s time to destroy Trump and co.” I will venture that within three days, the media will remove any political narrative when talking about the shooter, and use the narrative that he was mentally deranged. In one regard, I’d have to say they’re right. To borrow a phrase from Michael Savage, “liberalism is a mental disorder”. This incident is in stark contrast of other shootings in the past, such as the Gabby Gifford incident. In those cases, the shooter was immediately ( and wrongly ) identified by the media as an angry white tea partier. Rush Limbaugh was often blamed for the shootings because of his “incendiary rhetoric”. Sarah Palin was specifically blamed for the Gifford shooting because she used targets on a map to identify political races in which democrats needed to be defeated. During those times, the left was blatantly and purposefully dividing the nation along political, economic, racial, and social lines. In short, they were stirring the pot, trying to fuel a civil war of some sort, hoping to trigger the “right” into finally taking up arms. “A house divided can not stand”. They were hoping to cause a social collapse, blame it on the conservative right, and have their socialist / Marxist government that’s been waiting in the wings to finally take full control of our nation, and ultimately remove any semblance of our Republic. I thank our God above that cooler heads prevailed, and that the “right” used our established democratic political system to change power in Washington. ( This is not to insinuate that republican leadership share our constitutional conservative values. It’s just a statement highlighting that the conservative base will use the process to affect change.) Since Hillary lost her chance to be crowned queen, the democrats have been in an absolute tizzy. They have ramped up their attacks on conservatism, are making outlandish accusations against Trump, and are making ridiculous calls...

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Glenn Jacobs for Knox County Mayor

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Many of you are familiar with Glenn Jacobs. He’s a staunch, unapologetic conservative, and an expert on economics. When he’s not working as a professional wrestler under the name Kane, he hits the speaking circuit talking about the Constitution, government, and economics.     A few years ago, he and his wife opened Jacobs’ Insurance in Knoxville, and has since opened a second office.     Glenn is passionate about constitutional government at all levels. Unlike a lot of us, he looked in the mirror and decided that instead of complaining about our politicians, he must jump into politics with both feet and be the kind of politician that we all want to see. So he jumped.     Glenn recently announced his candidacy for Knox County Mayor. The story is here.  If elected, he would continue many of the conservative polices of the outgoing mayor, Tim Burchett. Even though this election doesn’t affect us directly, it does indirectly. If Glenn is elected, his conservative policies will make it more difficult for federal leftist programs to be implemented, keeping Knox County government conservative. In turn, this would have an impact on us in Sevier County by giving us a strong ally in our neighboring county.       If you would like to help Glenn in his first ever political venture, you can do what I did and go here to make a financial contribution. I know he’d appreciate it greatly.     In Liberty,     Steve Osborn     SCTP...

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The Republicans Did It To Us

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In my earlier email, I said I’d do some research on how our representatives voted when debating the fuel tax increase. The following is an email that our Vice Chairman is submitting to the Mountain Press. In Liberty, Steve Osborn SCTP Chairman Dear editor, The full TN House of Representatives debated Governor Haslam’s IMPROVE Act, now called the Tax Cut of 2017 ( an oxymoron ), on Wednesday. The Act as proposed will raise fuel taxes on everyone who drives a vehicle, while reducing taxes for a select few in the state and giving certain Tennessee businesses a financial boost. Representatives Carr and Farmer voted in favor of the bill. Representative Hawk from the Greenville area then proposed an amendment that would have taken a portion of new and used car sales tax, and divert it to increase TDOT funding without raising one cent of fuel tax. After much debate, most of it in favor of Hawk’s amendment, the amendment was voted down. Again, Representatives Carr and Farmer voted against the hawk amendment. While both Carr and Farmer have voted for some good conservative issues in the past that benefit their constituents, their votes on Wednesday violated the fundamental principles of the republican platform; smaller government and lower taxes. Representative Jerry Sexton of Bean Station said it best: “When you go to the pumps and pay more for gas, don’t blame the democrats. The republicans did it to...

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More on the Proposed Gas Tax

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Senate leadership stated over the weekend that any alternate plan to Haslam’s gas tax increase is a non-starter. The House, being a separate chamber, is working on their own plan that will fund TDOT without raising taxes, in spite of what Senate leaders say. Both chambers are set to go to Joint Committee within the next couple weeks to hammer out the differences between the two proposals coming from their respective bodies.  It’s not out of the realm of possibilities that the House will capitulate, and approve Haslam’s original gas tax plan. Mark West, leader of the Chattanooga tea  party, has written a letter that will go to every republican in Nashville. ( That letter is at the end of this email, minus the signatures.) In Turn, Mark sent an email copy of that letter to the chairman of the Mountain City tea party leader, Ray Comeaux. (You probably aren’t aware, but Ray schedules quarterly leadership meetings that are held in various places within the state. He’s been doing this since the inception of the tea party.) Because Ray has all the addresses of every Liberty leader in the state, he’s forwarded the letter to them asking that they sign the letter. The deadline is today. When all signatures are attached, Ray will get the letter to Ben Cunningham of the Nashville tea party. Then, Ben will have two people accompany him to Legislative Plaza. They will hand-deliver a copy of the letter with our signatures to every republican legislator in both the Senate and in the House.  It’s our intent and hope that republicans in Nashville will finally get the message: Tennesseans do NOT want our taxes unnecessarily raised.  I hope this email give you some insight as to how your steering committee is always working behind the scenes on your behalf, even if you only see us once a month at our regularly scheduled membership meeting ( which happens to be the 20th of the month !! )  In Liberty Steve Osborn SCTP Chairman ________________________________________ Dear Tennessee Republican Representative & Senator: We, the undersigned grassroots activists of Tennessee, are writing to you to express our deep concern over Governor Haslam’s IMPROVE act, informally referred to as the Gas Tax. As you know, the Tennessee Republican Party has historically lauded its commitment to lower taxes and limited government. In support of those values, millions of votes have been cast over the last decade in our state. And hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans entrusted you to uphold those values, as you consistently committed to us, when you were appealing for our votes. Our concern and opposition to the Gas Tax legislation is for these simple yet fundamental reasons: Surplus:  Tennessee has enjoyed record receipts,...

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Farm Bureau members – READ THIS

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The facebook post below is Rhedona Rose the VP of the Tennessee Farm Bureau’s response to a long time customer on the issue of Farm Bureau’s support of the gas tax and in state tuition for illegal aliens. Apparently Farm Bureau cares more about illegals than long time citizen customers. Call your local farm bureau and complain at least or cancel if feasible and let them know why! Number to Farm Bureau HQ is 931 388-7872. I’m having trouble finding the leaders emails but you can ask to speak to Mrs. Rose, the President Jeff Aiken or the policy director Stefan Maupin. This was sent by Becky ****** and she posted itOn Mar 31, 2017, at 11:31 AM, Since I have been a member since 1970 of the Obion County Farm Bureau, I feel that it is my duty to ask for the cessation of your support for the Haslam gas tax and the support for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. I hate to have to change insurance companies but I can certainly do it if your interest in draining the pockets of Tennesseeans continues. Rebecca ………… ……………… on FB. REPLY: From: Rhedona Rose Subject: Re: gas tax and tuition for illegal aliens Date: April 1, 2017 at 4:39:26 PM CDT To: Becky, Thank you for your email. We are glad to hear from you and appreciate Farm Bureau members who let us know when they are not satisfied. Your comments and feedback will be shared with your Farm Bureau leadership. We take our members’ concerns seriously. We regret you believe we are not representing the positions you hold dear regarding transportation funding and in-state tuition for youth who are not legal state residents. Farm Bureau policy is developed on an annual basis over several months of a democratic process of active membership participation in discussion and debate. The final policy product represents the best thought and judgment of Farm Bureau membership from all 95 counties in Tennessee. Your organization is proud of the active, informed membership involvement. You are correct. Farm Bureau does support the transportation funding increase. Our policy is based on a recognition that good highways, roads, and bridges and proper maintenance of them is of vital interest to all of us. However, our policy is also very cautious to advocate that any tax system should be structured to ensure it contributes to maximum efficiency and economy in government. As for the in-state tuition issue, Farm Bureau has long advocated at the national level for immigration reform. The current system is broken. Although we appreciate the desire of people to live and work here, our nation and our economy cannot absorb, without disruption, all the people....

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Conservatism and Liberty – taking another hit

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It’s been a busy week legislatively, and it did not turn out well for conservatism or liberty. First, the Senate Education Committee considered a bill that would require students to use the bathroom of their gender, and not what gender they decided to call themselves. In a surprising move, the committee killed the bill. It’s likely that the defeat was heavily influenced by a statement Lt. Gov. Randy McNally made last week. He said the bill was no longer needed in light of the federal government’s recent action.  Killing the bill highlights the short-sightedness of many legislators. His statement and republicans on the committee killing the measure assume that the proponents of debauchery will give up pushing their deviant agenda. And, they assume that democrats will never have the majority in congress again. Republicans are wrong in both assumptions. Secondly, the House Civil Justice Subcommittee heard a bill that would have changed the matrix of Civil Asset Forfeiture. HB0421 would have mandated that a person’s assets could not be forfeited unless that person was convicted of a crime, and the conviction could prove that assets to be forfeited were obtained through criminal activity. This bill would have brought state law enforcement officers into constitutional compliance by protecting the citizenry’s Due Process as spelled out in Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. It would have also brought Civil Asset Forfeiture into compliance with our state Constitution Art. 1, Section 7 which states that people shall be secure in their persons, homes, papers and possessions, and protected from unreasonable searches and seizures. Killing this bill shreds the fundamental liberties Americans are entitled to, and furthers the belief that we’re becoming a police state. Of the seven subcommittee members hearing the bill, only two voted for passage. Among the five members who voted to kill the bill was Andrew Farmer. So, if you are ever stopped by law enforcement and happen to have cash in your possession, and the officer simply suspects you obtained that cash illegal, expect the officer to confiscate it. Citizens still have to prove their innocence, instead of being presumed innocent until proven guilty. Lastly, the House Transportation Committee heard the Improve act, the bill that would raise fuel taxes. I wrote you after the Transportation Subcommittee hearing, stating that I expected all amendments adopted by the Subcommittee — including the language from Hawk’s bill– to be stripped at the full committee hearing. I was right. Rep. Dale Carr did propose an amendment at the full committee hearing that would have diverted 33.5% of existing new-car sales tax to TDOT as a user fee. His amendment was praised by several republicans as the way to to. But, his amendment was...

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