Democrat lawmakers rage over ‘Mosques Exposed’ video

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Democrat lawmakers rage over ‘Mosques Exposed’ video

A Republican state lawmaker from Tennessee is under attack from Democrats because he disseminated a video that criticizes Islam.

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Mt. Juliet Rep. Susan Lynn found herself likened to racists from the 1960s on Tuesday for sharing copies of a DVD, titled “America’s Mosques Exposed: Video Evidence They Are War Factories,” on behalf of a constituent. Democrats and allied activists denounced Lynn as a hate-monger.

“It hit me really personally because I remember the ’60s. I remember the discrimination. I remember having to sit in the back of the bus,” state Rep. Johnnie Turner, a Democrat from Memphis, said Tuesday during a press conference, WTVF-5 reported Tuesday.

Paul Galloway, executive director of the American Center for Outreach, told the Tennessean that Lynn was “cowardly” for saying critiques of Islam as a “political philosophy and not a religion” are protected under the First Amendment.

“It’s really irresponsible, election-year politicking,” Galloway told the newspaper.

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Democrats filed a formal complaint against Lynn using the rationale that handing out “America’s Mosques Exposed” is a violation of three state House rules. The video is allegedly discriminatory and could be considered workplace harassment.

Lynn’s detractors also want increased sensitivity training for lawmakers.

“I didn’t see anything objectionable in [the DVD],” the Republican said.

Lynn’s friction with her Democrat counterparts comes less than two weeks after radio host Rush Limbaugh gave an extended monologue explaining how liberals see Republicans as a bigger threat to civil society than Islam.

Limbaugh, speaking from behind his golden EIB microphone on March 28, cited global statistics on Islamic terror attacks from before saying President Obama, Hillary Clinton and their allies around the world appear wholly unconcerned with the carnage.

“You say, ‘That’s either naive or purposeful. How can it be?’ Because who’s the common enemy? Who is and what is the biggest enemy of liberalism, folks? Honestly now, ask yourself: Who do liberals consider to be their greatest threat? It’s us, conservatives,” said Limbaugh, WND reported.

The conservative icon said 3,221 people injured were injured by Islamic terrorism in the last 30 days; 27,596 people were killed last year due to Islamic terrorism; and another 26,000 were injured in just 2015.

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“Who are their biggest enemies? Christians, conservatives, right-wingers. The left, which is Islam – militant Islam is on the left, just as the Democratic Party is,” Limbaugh said. “Take a look their common political opponents or other kinds of enemies. It’s us, folks. This is the thing that a lot of people can’t get through their heads.”

“America’s Mosques Exposed” was produced and narrated by Louie E. Johnston Jr. of