Farm Bureau members – READ THIS

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Farm Bureau members – READ THIS
The facebook post below is Rhedona Rose the VP of the Tennessee Farm Bureau’s response to a long time customer on the issue of Farm Bureau’s support of the gas tax and in state tuition for illegal aliens. Apparently Farm Bureau cares more about illegals than long time citizen customers. Call your local farm bureau and complain at least or cancel if feasible and let them know why!

Number to Farm Bureau HQ is 931 388-7872. I’m having trouble finding the leaders emails but you can ask to speak to Mrs. Rose, the President Jeff Aiken or the policy director Stefan Maupin.

This was sent by Becky ****** and she posted itOn Mar 31, 2017, at 11:31 AM, Since I have been a member since 1970 of the Obion County Farm Bureau, I feel that it is my duty to ask for the cessation of your support for the Haslam gas tax and the support for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. I hate to have to change insurance companies but I can certainly do it if your interest in draining the pockets of Tennesseeans continues. Rebecca ………… ……………… on FB.
From: Rhedona Rose Subject:
Re: gas tax and tuition for illegal aliens
Date: April 1, 2017 at 4:39:26 PM CDT
To: Becky,
Thank you for your email. We are glad to hear from you and appreciate Farm Bureau members who let us know when they are not satisfied. Your comments and feedback will be shared with your Farm Bureau leadership. We take our members’ concerns seriously. We regret you believe we are not representing the positions you hold dear regarding transportation funding and in-state tuition for youth who are not legal state residents. Farm Bureau policy is developed on an annual basis over several months of a democratic process of active membership participation in discussion and debate. The final policy product represents the best thought and judgment of Farm Bureau membership from all 95 counties in Tennessee. Your organization is proud of the active, informed membership involvement. You are correct. Farm Bureau does support the transportation funding increase.
Our policy is based on a recognition that good highways, roads, and bridges and proper maintenance of them is of vital interest to all of us. However, our policy is also very cautious to advocate that any tax system should be structured to ensure it contributes to maximum efficiency and economy in government. As for the in-state tuition issue, Farm Bureau has long advocated at the national level for immigration reform. The current system is broken. Although we appreciate the desire of people to live and work here, our nation and our economy cannot absorb, without disruption, all the people. Our members recognize until we can get the much needed immigration reform we must deal with the problem at hand related to young people who were brought here illegally by their parents.
The specific Farm Bureau policy: While federal immigration policy to address undocumented immigration remains in flux, we believe children of undocumented immigrants should receive an education. We believe the concept of a good education will solve many of the social issues that accompany undocumented immigration activity. These students are eligible to enroll in state institutions of higher education. However, they are not eligible for in-state tuition because of their undocumented status. We believe undocumented students educated in Tennessee’s K-12 system should be eligible for in-state tuition. We understand your frustration of not agreeing with these two policy positions, but would encourage you to acquaint yourself with the many other Farm Bureau policies and programs.
We are proud you are a member and honored you selected us as a service provider. Our desire is to keep you as a valued and happy Farm Bureau member. Should you decide to seek services elsewhere, we respect your opinion and thank you for the opportunity to have served you.
Best regards,
Rhedona Rose