Focus on the Candidates

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Because we’re in the midst of an election cycle, the SCTP hasn’t directly addressed issues as much as we would like. Instead, we’re focusing on candidates who will have a direct impact on our liberties ( i.e. issues). What a candidate has done in the past is a barometer of how that candidate will legislate in the future. In short, actions speak louder than words.

As for an issue that is still pressing, you’ll recall that Dr. Bill Warner addressed the membership in the past regarding Islam, and its  continuing encroachment in TN.  After years of study, Dr. Warner became an expert on Islam, its violent and oppressive history, and the continuing effort to implement Sharia Law in the U.S. In fact, the surge of mosques being built in major metropolises across our land are not so much a symbol of worship, but are more a visible sign of the Muslim’s intent to make America a nation ruled by Islam.

Sharia Law — which is actually a political agenda disguised as a religion — is in direct conflict with our Constitution and our American values. Yet, governments and private companies are kowtowing to the demands of Islamists. I could write you an extensive list of  private companies that are submitting to the intimidation and threats posed by Muslims if they don’t comply with the demands of Islam. In effect, Muslims are implementing Sharia Law by stealth through intimidation.

Governments are also bowing to the demands of Islam in various ways, including the forced indoctrination of our youth through Common Core social studies. Quite frankly, I will never understand why supposed conservatives within the ranks of the republican party are so blind to the Muslim agenda. As is pointed out in the following article published Friday morning, March 9th, Muslims will lie right to your face, and misuse statistics to gain sympathy from whomever they can, but especially uninformed politicians, in order to further erode our traditional values.

Rest assured that the SCTP will address this issue again once the elections are over. But in the meantime, we urge all of you to remember that the enemies of the United States will never rest. Neither will we.

In Liberty,

Steve Osborn

SCTP Chairman