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FaceBook Dog & Pony Show?

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I’ve been hearing a lot of comments the last couple days –rightly or not — about the need for the government to intervene and regulate Facebook because it’s a monopoly.

The problem with that is twofold;

1) F.B. is a privately owned business that uses public airways to supply a service to the public. If you don’t like your private affairs shared, then either don’t post them online or find another social media outlet. There are other forms of social media the public has access to, and there’s no requirement to use F.B.. It’s the consumer’s choice to either continuing using F.B. or go to another media source. And besides, everyone of us have “signed” a user agreement that tells us our information can be shared and / or sold to third parties. So who’s to blame? F.B. or the user?

I’ve also heard it said that F.B. keeps other outlets from flourishing. But ask yourself; how many small businesses struggle to compete on the national scene simply because of the overly burdensome government regulations in place today that protect the bigger players–like F.B.?

2) The conservative movement’s purpose is to promote smaller government, not bigger government. If and when the federal government starts regulating F.B., then there’s no telling how far things will go.

So will regulating F.B. solve or create more problems than what they’re investigating now? We know that Obama wanted to regulate the content on F.B., and we know that Trump has suggested we rewrite the First Amendment so it’s easier to sue for slanderous reports. If we encourage the government to regulate F.B. today, how far will the next Obama take it?

But here’s a bigger and related issue that I’m not hearing much about from conservatives. That is, two of the five major banks have released statements saying they will no longer do business with firearms manufacturers.

Shouldn’t the government be dragging those bank presidents in front of a committee to investigate that? They’re not, and I have to ask myself, why?

I think the answer is simple; powers within the government have “urged” these banks to stop financing the firearms industry. I think those players found a way to use tyrannical tactics to go after the brass ring they’ve been working toward these last many years using the heavily regulated (sound familiar?) financial industry: our guns.

Remember how the House was supposed to vote on National Reciprocity as a stand alone Bill? But then they said that it would be married to the Fix NICS bill. Low and behold, the Fix bill was attached to the Omnibus bill, leaving Reciprocity hangin’ out to dry. National Reciprocity hasn’t been discussed since.

Meanwhile, city after city, and state after state, are passing anti-gun bills and resolutions, and there’s not been a peep heard from Washington about the unconstitutional practice.

It’s my opinion that Washington is using the Facebook dog and pony show to keep the citizenries attention away from the federal government’s hand in regulating our Second Amendment out of existence. If I see investigations into the banking industry’s actions against another legitimate industry, then I’ll change my mind. But for now, this whole thing stinks to high heaven.

Steve Osborn

SCTP Chairman

Raid an Office?

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So Trump’s atty’s offices were raided bright and early Monday morning. Since then, the political world has gone bananas. The faithful viewers of CNN are salivating at the prospects that the raid will lead to indictments against Trump, while the right is going ballistic at the apparent violation of lawyer-client privilege. I don’t think that either is accurate.

Here’s what I’ve been able to glean from all the reports I’ve read.

If there’s evidence that an atty is acting in an unethical manner, whether on behalf of his client or himself, his offices can be raided. An atty cannot skirt the law, abuse the judicial system, or conduct business in an illegal manner and hide behind the cloak of attorney / client privilege. However, it takes exceptional evidence showing the likelihood that something is amiss to raid an office, and it takes approval from some of the highest offices in the judicial and law enforcement jurisdictions.

What happened to Cohen , Trump’s personal attorney, happens regularly, but isn’t publicized as much as this incident for obvious reasons.

From what I can gather, the raid centers around the payment to the porn star in order to keep her from going public about her affair with Trump, and whether or not Trump told Cohen to pay her. A client telling his attorney to pay hush money is not uncommon or illegal if both parties — the payer and the payee –agree to the deal / arrangement.

But it appears that Cohen is being investigated for bank fraud, and not the hush money per se’. It seems that when Cohen went to the bank to get the hush money, he told the banker that the loan was for purchasing a house. If that is indeed what he told the bank, then yeah ~~ that’s fraud, and that is illegal. So then THAT would lead to the question; did Trump tell him to deceive the bank? If he did, then that can spell trouble for Trump. But that would take documented proof, or Cohen saying so under oath. If Trump didn’t tell him to deceive the bank, then Trump is in the clear. That only leaves the left with what they’ve been doing already, and that’s character assassination.

So now, I have a couple thoughts:

I think that what’s really drawing the ire of American people is that this leg of the investigation strongly suggests that Meuller is operating outside the purview of a Special Counsel’s usual authority. But from what I can gather, he’s not.

It appears that when Mueller discovered the potential fraud, he turned it over to a different authority to investigate. That’s what he should have done. But the optics are fraught with images of a witch hunt.

Coupling this leg of Meuller’s investigation with the DOJ’s flagrant refusal to cooperate with the House investigation into the Hillary email scandal leads the thinking person to conclude that elements within the FBI, the DOJ, and the Special Counsel are in cahoots to stop Trump and his agenda.

I’m not one to shy away from criticizing Trump when I see clear violations of the Constitution being courted or committed, but I think that stems from his ignorance, not malic. Whatever you think of Trump as a person, I don’t think you can dispute that his overall motivation is to make America a strong leader on the world stage again, and that goes against the liberal’s one world government goal.

I don’t think there can be any doubt that the left is using every available tool to take Trump down and stop his agenda. If the FBI and DOJ spent a fraction of the effort investigating Hillary, Holder, Lynch, and / or Obama that they’re spending on the supposed Russian collusion — the reason for the Special Counsel in the first place–, we’d see every one of them in orange jumpsuits by now.

But they’re not. And that’s the real crime being committed here

Legislators Need To Hear From YOU!

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Focus on the Candidates

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Because we’re in the midst of an election cycle, the SCTP hasn’t directly addressed issues as much as we would like. Instead, we’re focusing on candidates who will have a direct impact on our liberties ( i.e. issues). What a candidate has done in the past is a barometer of how that candidate will legislate in the future. In short, actions speak louder than words.

As for an issue that is still pressing, you’ll recall that Dr. Bill Warner addressed the membership in the past regarding Islam, and its  continuing encroachment in TN.  After years of study, Dr. Warner became an expert on Islam, its violent and oppressive history, and the continuing effort to implement Sharia Law in the U.S. In fact, the surge of mosques being built in major metropolises across our land are not so much a symbol of worship, but are more a visible sign of the Muslim’s intent to make America a nation ruled by Islam.

Sharia Law — which is actually a political agenda disguised as a religion — is in direct conflict with our Constitution and our American values. Yet, governments and private companies are kowtowing to the demands of Islamists. I could write you an extensive list of  private companies that are submitting to the intimidation and threats posed by Muslims if they don’t comply with the demands of Islam. In effect, Muslims are implementing Sharia Law by stealth through intimidation.

Governments are also bowing to the demands of Islam in various ways, including the forced indoctrination of our youth through Common Core social studies. Quite frankly, I will never understand why supposed conservatives within the ranks of the republican party are so blind to the Muslim agenda. As is pointed out in the following article published Friday morning, March 9th, Muslims will lie right to your face, and misuse statistics to gain sympathy from whomever they can, but especially uninformed politicians, in order to further erode our traditional values.

Rest assured that the SCTP will address this issue again once the elections are over. But in the meantime, we urge all of you to remember that the enemies of the United States will never rest. Neither will we.

In Liberty,

Steve Osborn

SCTP Chairman