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Glenn Jacobs for Knox County Mayor

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Glenn Jacobs for Knox County Mayor
Many of you are familiar with Glenn Jacobs. He’s a staunch, unapologetic conservative, and an expert on economics. When he’s not working as a professional wrestler under the name Kane, he hits the speaking circuit talking about the Constitution, government, and economics.
    A few years ago, he and his wife opened Jacobs’ Insurance in Knoxville, and has since opened a second office.
    Glenn is passionate about constitutional government at all levels. Unlike a lot of us, he looked in the mirror and decided that instead of complaining about our politicians, he must jump into politics with both feet and be the kind of politician that we all want to see. So he jumped.
    Glenn recently announced his candidacy for Knox County Mayor. The story is here.  If elected, he would continue many of the conservative polices of the outgoing mayor, Tim Burchett. Even though this election doesn’t affect us directly, it does indirectly. If Glenn is elected, his conservative policies will make it more difficult for federal leftist programs to be implemented, keeping Knox County government conservative. In turn, this would have an impact on us in Sevier County by giving us a strong ally in our neighboring county.
      If you would like to help Glenn in his first ever political venture, you can do what I did and go here to make a financial contribution.
I know he’d appreciate it greatly.
    In Liberty,
    Steve Osborn
    SCTP Chairman

It’s a New Day in America!

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It’s a New Day in America!

There are so many good things to say about today’s peaceful transition of power. There’s no way I can list all of them. But hopefully, I can sum it up by saying that Marxism has been rejected by the American people, and hope for constitutional governance has once again been embraced. It just doesn’t get any better’n that.

The mood of today is a complete contrast to when the Marxist was sworn in. Eight years ago, there were tears of despair and fear. Today, those same people from eight years ago have tears of joy and hope.  May God give our new president the wisdom needed to see this nation back to the values that built this great nation.

As destructive as Obama has been to this nation, I must say that he has done one great thing: He is responsible for the effective Liberty movement. Having said that, I would like to dedicate the following song to ex-president Barrack Hussein Obama.

In Liberty,
Steve Osborn
SCTP Chairman

RINOs!!! What are they doing – again? Nothing of substance

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RINOs!!!  What are they doing – again?  Nothing of substance
I think we’re getting a good idea of what changes we’ll see in Washington with a completely republican controlled federal government.  Not much, I’m afraid.
Shortly after Trump’s victory, certain prominent republican senators stated that repealing ObamaCare will take years. The logic is, in short, it’s so embedded now that to repeal it without harming the minority of citizens who benefited from it makes repealing ObamaCare very difficult, especially if there’s not a federal program to replace it.
Translation: We really have no desire or intention to repeal ObamaCare. Ramming federal programs down the throats of an unwilling public is a piece of cake for us, but getting rid of a federal program once it’s in place takes an act of God, and only if we in congress vote to obey Him.
Next, we learned on Wednesday, Dec. 7th, that the House voted to refer the resolution to impeach IRS Director Koskinen back to the House Judiciary Committee. Taking a cursory look at the vote records, Congressman Roe was among the 100 or so republicans who joined the democrats in referring the issue back to Committee. This vote doesn’t outright reject the idea of impeaching Koskinen, but in truth kills any hope of doing so. The vote allows Roe and others to pound the table demanding that something be done. It also allows them to tell their constituents they really want to impeach Koskinen. But referring it back to the Committee does indeed kill the effort to impeach, and they know it.
Remember; Koskinen is they guy who, among other things, ran cover for his predecessor Lois Lerner by destroying electronic files. This is the guy who destroyed and hid Lerner’s emails from Congress that likely showed her and Obama coordinated to block 501(c) status for hundreds of liberty groups. This is the guy who stonewalled the congressional investigation into the IRS’s targeting liberty groups. This is the guy who lied to congress during that investigation. And this is the guy who continues to target liberty groups.
And this is the guy who congress voted not to impeach. Just on the face of it, this one vote alone should reveal what the body congress thinks of the American people, the Rule of Law, and their perception of what powers they have in Washington.
Lastly, renowned conservative columnist Ben Shaprio tweeted the results of an anonymous poll of congressional members.

57% of Republicans think free markets hurt us.
78% think gov should bribe companies.
75% think gov should threaten companies.

That’s just the percentage of republicans Shaprio tweeted about. We already know 100% of the democrats think this way.
Personally, I’m hard pressed to see how the economy and free enterprise will be unleashed with most of the republican party having this elitist mentality. Business may grow, and the economy may get stronger. But it doesn’t look like it will be driven by what you and I know to be free enterprise. I think what you’re going to see, based on this revealing survey result, is that the federal government will continue to pick winners and losers, coupled with a ramped-up effort to control private business decisions. Their idea of a strong economy is based on how they can move the pieces on the chessboard.
While we all hope to see change in Washington, and while we can approve of some of the nominations Trump has made, we can’t forget that Washington lives in a bubble, and views nearly everything from that lens. This just adds to the reasons for why I stated last year that we as a tea party will not put forth nearly the effort we have in years past trying to change things in Washington. Our power lies at the local and state levels. We stand a much better chance influencing the state, and in turn the state will influence Washington.
I just wanted to keep you abreast of some recent developments, and give you a little more insight where we’ll be heading goring forward.

What a contrast

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What a contrast
The communist dictator of Cuba died Friday night. He came to power through a coup, promising Cubans equality. He fulfilled that promise. The average Cuban is equally poor and oppressed.
When Fidel Castro overthrew the Batista regime through a coup, he eliminated free enterprise by forcing entrepreneurs into relinquishing  businesses they built, confiscated money earned from their business, and proclaimed businesses as state property in order to spread the wealth around. Castro ruled with an iron fist, sentencing countless innocent Cubans to torturous prisons and even death, simply for speaking out against his communist regime. Untold thousands fled Cuba since Castro became the unelected dictator.
After his death was announced, I turned on the television around 2:00 a.m. to witness the hordes of Cuban immigrants marching in the streets in that section of Miami known as Little Havana . Then again, later in the morning, they were still celebrating the death of the man who caused so much strife. Saturday evening, I watched a man who fled Cuba as a boy be interviewed. He said some things that were striking to me. He said that his 90 year old mother died just two weeks before Castro’s death, and wished she would have lived just a little longer to celebrate the death of the man who tortured his father. He went on to say that, although he’s a Cuban national, he loves America for the freedom she represents, and the freedom Cuba once enjoyed. He was hopeful that after Raul Castro dies, Cuba can somehow begin to regain the freedoms his mother enjoyed before Castro. 
Later, I started mentally contrasting the demonstrations in Miami to other protests we’ve witnessed. While thousands of Cubans marched in Miami for nearly 24 hours, there wasn’t a single report of storefront windows being broken, no reports of looting, fires, gun shots, fights, or any other form of unruly behavior. Yet, when Black Lives Matter protesters hit the streets with far fewer participants, by nightfall we heard of countless reports of vandalism, looting, fights, fires being set, and guns being fired. 
Cuban immigrants truly understand what oppression looks and feels like, while BLM protesters fabricate many of their complaints. Some still complain of slavery, of which not one has ever experienced. Nor have those who they protest against ever owned a slave. While Cubans still living on the island are equally oppressed, BLM protesters have an equal opportunity to succeed if they so choose. Cuban nationals are demonstrating in the streets, truly understanding and appreciating the freedom America represents.
Maybe Black Lives Matter protesters should consider what Cubans understand and appreciate. Just a thought.
In Liberty,
Steve Osborn
SCTP Chairman