Glenn Jacobs for Knox County Mayor

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Glenn Jacobs for Knox County Mayor
Many of you are familiar with Glenn Jacobs. He’s a staunch, unapologetic conservative, and an expert on economics. When he’s not working as a professional wrestler under the name Kane, he hits the speaking circuit talking about the Constitution, government, and economics.
    A few years ago, he and his wife opened Jacobs’ Insurance in Knoxville, and has since opened a second office.
    Glenn is passionate about constitutional government at all levels. Unlike a lot of us, he looked in the mirror and decided that instead of complaining about our politicians, he must jump into politics with both feet and be the kind of politician that we all want to see. So he jumped.
    Glenn recently announced his candidacy for Knox County Mayor. The story is here.  If elected, he would continue many of the conservative polices of the outgoing mayor, Tim Burchett. Even though this election doesn’t affect us directly, it does indirectly. If Glenn is elected, his conservative policies will make it more difficult for federal leftist programs to be implemented, keeping Knox County government conservative. In turn, this would have an impact on us in Sevier County by giving us a strong ally in our neighboring county.
      If you would like to help Glenn in his first ever political venture, you can do what I did and go here to make a financial contribution.
I know he’d appreciate it greatly.
    In Liberty,
    Steve Osborn
    SCTP Chairman