Other Tea Party groups

Tea Party
Our mission is to bring awareness to any issue  which challenges the security, sovereignty or domestic tranquility of our beloved nation, The United States of America.

Tea Party Patriots
Tea Party Patriots stands for every American, and is home to millions who have come together to pursue the American Dream and to keep that Dream alive for their children and grandchildren.

Tea Party Express
Propelled by millions of Tea Party supporters across the country, Tea Party Express has become the most aggressive and influential national Tea Party group in the political arena

The Tea Party (.net)
The TeaParty.net is a division of Stop This Insanity, Inc. and is a national non=profit 501 (c)(4) organization created in 2009 for the education and advancement of the constitutional conservative values of the Tea Party Movement.

Tea Party 911Provides numerous listings and contacts for groups around the country

Chattanooga Tea Party
Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Cross County Patriots
Location: Loudon County, TN

Cumberland County Tea Party
Location: Crossville, TN

Descendents of Liberty LLC
Location: Tennessee

Giles Patriots
Location: Giles County, TN

Knoxville TEA Party
Location: Knoxville, TN

Traditional American Movement
Location: National Organization based in Tennessee

American Patriot Taxpayers
Location: Jefferson County, Tennessee

Carter County Tea Party Patriots
Location: Carter County, Tennessee