Elected Officials

TN State Elected Officials


Federal Elected Officials

DC Switchboard 202-224-3121

http://www.senate.gov or http://www.house.gov


Federal Elected Officials from TN

Sen. LAMAR ALEXANDER (Entire State)
DC Ph. 202-224-4944 Fax 202-228-3398

Sen. BOB CORKER (Entire State)
DC Ph. 202-224-3344 Fax 202-228-0566

Rep. PHIL ROE (1st District)
DC Ph. 202-225-6356 Fax 202-225-5714

Rep. JOHN DUNCAN (2nd District)
DC Ph. 202-225-5435 Fax 202-225-6440

Rep. CHUCK FLEISCHMANN (3rd District)
DC Ph. 202-225-3271 Fax 202-225-3494

Rep. SCOTT DesJARLAIS (4th District)
DC Ph. 202-225-6831 Fax 202-226-5172

Rep. JIM COOPER (5th District)
DC Ph. 202-225-4311 Fax 202-226-1035

Rep. DIANE BLACK (6th District)
DC Ph. 202-225-4231 Fax 202-225-6887

Rep. MARSHA BLACKBURN (7th District)
DC Ph. 202-225-2811 Fax 202-225-3004

Rep. STEPHEN LEE FINCHER (8th District)
DC Ph. 202-225-4714 Fax 202-225-1765

Rep. STEVE COHEN (9th District)
DC Ph. 202-225-3265 Fax 202-225-5663

For a PDF of the TN State General Assembly please click here.  Let us know if you find any errors on this document, compiling it was tedious.