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Although the Tea Party ( Taxed Enough Already ) was created because of a federal housing bailout, the focus in general now needs to focus on local issues and local politics, which is how our Founders envisioned Liberty would be secured. Their idea was, because local and state politicians are closer to their constituents ( We the People), they would be the guardians of Liberty, and keep the federal government within their constitutional constraints. 
While the power structure has been inverted over these last many decades, the principles still exist today.  That bottom-up principle is still our constitutional right.
Recently, as you will read in the following post, a sheriff in Indiana understood this founding principle, and used his constitutional authority to protect one of his citizens from the tyrannical abuses of the Obama administration and his Dept. of Justice. ( although in this case, the D.o.J. should read the Dept. of IN-Justice ).
What this sheriff did, and how the affected citizen utilized that office, is an example of what we, the SCTP, are able to do as an organization. This will be one of our goals in the coming months, so our posterity can live a more peaceable life.

 When Indiana Sheriff Brad Rogers heard that a farmer in his county who produces and sells raw milk had been harassed by Obama’s FDA and the DOJ every couple of weeks for a months, he became furious. Rogers knew that the farmers were doing nothing wrong and that the milk was safe and no danger to anyone.

What Rogers did next should inspire Americans to action from coast-to-coast.

He told the feds in no uncertain terms that if they came back and came after this farmer again, they would be charged and arrested.

Guess what happened next? They backed off.

Read the whole story at American Journal Review


You WILL NOT like what you see in the attached textbook extracts)
Sevier County Tea Party:
1.  Two entities control almost all of the information flow:
     a.  electronic media  (made even more leftist as explained in the 3 1/2 minute video here )
     b.  education (made even more leftist as documented in the attached .pdf and .mp3 file)
2.  You are being asked to deal only with the education piece of this crisis COMM{UNIST} CORE TEXTS (Common Core, actually)  . . . at the level of the state general assembly.  Based upon what you learn from the two attached files, please “bcc:” via email all of the senators in one email, then all of the representatives in a separate one.
3.  Addresses follow:
Senator Mae Beavers
Senator Mike Bell
Senator Janice Bowling
Senator Charlotte Burks
Senator Stacey Campfield
Senator Rusty Crowe
Senator Steven Dickerson
Senator Lowe Finney
Senator Todd Gardenhire
Senator Mark Green
Senator Dolores Gresham
Senator Ferrell Haile
Senator Thelma Harper
Senator Douglas Henry
Senator Joey Hensley
Senator Jack Johnson
Senator Brian Kelsey
Senator Bill Ketron
Senator Jim Kyle
Senator Becky Massey
Senator Randy McNally
Senator Frank Niceley
Senator Mark Norris
Lt Gov. Ron Ramsey
Senator Steve Southerland
Senator John Stevens
Senator Jim Summerville
Senator Reginald Tate
Senator Jim Tracy
Senator Bo Watson
Senator Ken Yager
Rep. David Alexander
Rep. Harry Brooks
Rep. Kevin Brooks
Rep. Shiela Butt
Rep. Kent Calfee
Rep. Joe Carr
Rep. Mike Carter
Rep. Glen Casada
Rep. Jim Coley
Rep. Vince Dean
Rep. Vance Dennis
Rep. Barry Doss
Rep. Bill Dunn
Rep. Jeremy Durham
Rep. Jimmy Eldridge
Rep. Joshua Evans
Rep. Jeremy Faison
Rep. Andrew Farmer
Rep. Richard Floyd
Rep. John Forgety
Rep. Tilman Goins
Rep. Curtis halford
Rep. Steve Hall
Rep. Mike Harrison
Speaker Beth Harwell
Rep. David Hawk
Rep. Ryan Haynes
Rep. Matthew Hill
Rep. TIMothy Hill
Rep. Andy Holt
Rep. Curtis Johnson
Rep. Gloria Johnson
Rep. Roger Kane
Rep. Kelly Keisling
Rep. William Lamberth
Rep. Mary Littleton
Rep. Ron Lollar
Rep. Jon Lundberg
rep. Susan Lynn
Rep. Pat Marsh
Rep. Judd Matheny
Rep. Jimmy Matlock
Rep. Getald McCormick
Rep. Steve McDaniel
Rep. Steve McManus
Rep. Debra Moody
Rep. Mark Pody
Rep. Dennis Powers
Rep. John Ragan
Rep. Bob Ramsey
Rep. Barrett Rich
Rep. Dennis Roach
Rep. Courtney Rogers
Rep. Bill Sanderson
Rep. Charles Sargent
Rep. Cameron Sexton
Rep. Tony Shipley
Rep. Mike Sparks
Rep. Billy Spivey
Rep. Art Swann
Rep Curry Todd
Rep. Ron Travis
Rep. James Vanhuss
Rep. Eric Watson
Rep. Terry Lynn Weaver
Rep. Dawn White
Rep. Mark White
Rep. Ryan Williams
Rep. Tim Wirgau
Rep. Rick Womick