A selection of informational videos

Nplex system helping to control growth of meth problem.  Check this link and see what is being done successfully in many places.

Are you prepared for what’s coming to America? If you want to preserve our culture, watch this 7 minute video, then take the advice given at the conclusion.

You can believe the media propaganda, or you can believe the facts.
What is said in this link is considered hate speech. These days, truth IS hate speech. But facts are still facts, and truth is still truth.

The Lamarer

Judge Andrew Napolitano rips the ACA – and talks Patriot Act

WATCH: George Will Demolishes Arguments for Common Core in Under Two Minutes

Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out Against Senators Voting without Reading the Bills

Trey Gowdy Demands Answers On Benghazi

There are many videos embedded on sites that don’t have a “share” feature, but you can get to them with the links below

Judge Jeanine has articulated the best argument for impeachment to date. Once you hear her argument, you’ll see why the democrat leadership is planning to protest the House Special Committee headed by Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.). There IS no truthful counter-argument.
Why wouldn’t we impeach Obama for Benghazi?