Remember this in August

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Everyone in the conservative movement and nearly all thinking republicans know that Bob Corker is a democrat who ran on the republican ticket. He knew that to get elected, he had to masquerade as a conservative if he wanted any hope of winning an election bid in a red state. He also knew that to be reelected, he needed a substantial number of crossover votes (meaning, he counted on a certain percentage of democrats voting for him in the primary.).

He knows that this is an off-year election, and turnout is expected to be low. He also knows that democrats are consistently more motivated than republicans when it comes to voting in an off-year election. And, he knows that Bredesen is well liked among democrats and many republicans as well. So, he’s counting on Bredesen’s popularity to get the democrat base to the polls in numbers greater than Blackburn’s, and is intentionally putting the screws to republicans and conservatives alike.

Think what the senate would do if the dems did indeed take control again ( not that I’m a fan of the republican leadership, but remember how it was when Reid was in control).

Remember this in August. Don’t sit on your tukas and expect the other guy to pull your weight.

Retiring Sen. Bob Corker Throws A Wrench In The Wheel for Republicans to Keep His Seat