First, on behalf of the Steering Committee, let me say thank you for being a part of the Sevier County Tea Party.

Because of Obama’s housing bailout plan, the tea party movement sprang up all across the nation. Because the grass roots had never been organized before, individual groups as well as the movement on the whole went through some growing pains learning how to come together as once voice to be an effective organization. Like all tea parties, your attendance and participation was good at the beginning. But , our meeting attendance has fallen, especially since Trump’s election. Talking with tea party leaders across the state, they have stated they are experiencing the same drop in attendance since Trump’s election.

State politics can seem less important than federal politics, simply because the media concentrates on the federal level. . . . . But the time we’ve spent on federal politics has shown that we have not had the desired impact, even with our own senators and representatives.  Just read this article if you don’t believe me!

This is why I stated when I resumed chairmanship that we’d be concentrating on state politics vs. federal. Our founders set up our system of government so the people can have the greatest impact on the government closest to them. Our waning attendance seems to indicate that interest in state politics is less appealing.

The steering committee has decided that because our attendance has been low, and because the state’s General assembly is winding down leaving us with no real opportunity to influence state politics, we will suspend our monthly meetings for the summer. We will resume our meetings in September, just before the General Assembly resumes, and just as the off-season election cycle begins. We should know by then which candidates we will have running for governor and if there are challengers to our state representatives.

Also, due to the lack of response, we have decided to cancel the picnic scheduled for May. In the meantime, if anything of importance arises, I’ll notify you by email. If an issue requires contacting your legislators, I’ll once again ask you to make phone calls.

On the issues of making calls, I’d like to thank those of you who called Andrew Farmer and Dale Carr to express your opposition to the gas tax. To the members who didn’t take the time to call, you’ll have to wonder if that’s the reason Carr and Farmer voted to raise your taxes, and ultimately the cost of your food, clothes, and every other good sold in Tennessee.

In Liberty,
Steve Osborn

SCTP Chairman