As you should know, Obama is intentionally opening our borders to illegal aliens. They are not being screened for communicable diseases. Less than 40% of them are what WE call children.  They are not being deported. They are being transported to cities across the nation, and dumped on our communities. It’s reported that Other Than Mexicans ( i.e. illegals from known terrorist supported countries such as Syria) are crossing. Tell Governor Haslem we will not accept this.

Go to the link, read the letter, find your “category” (citizen), and sign the letter. No donations are requested, and your email address will not be shared. This is strictly a grass-root effort to send the governor a strong message. Once you’ve signed, please share it with other Tennesseans, whether they’re tea partiers or not. This issue affects all of us. If you use face book, go here and share it on your page.Thank you, and