The Power of a Sovereign State

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The Power of a Sovereign State

At our last membership meeting, I spoke of three incidents that highlight the effort of the left to destroy Americanism and pride in our history. One incident in particular was a mayor in New York who ordered the fire department to remove the American flag from firetrucks, using the excuse that the waving flag was a hazard to the firemen and other drivers.

The entire fire department should have told the mayor that they would not obey, and continued to display the flag on their trucks. In doing so, they would have backed the mayor into a corner because he could not have fired every fireman. More so, it would have been a public relations nightmare for the mayor; one that he would have lost miserably.

It was at that point in the meeting that I said we’re nearing the time for us to engage in civil disobedience, as the department should have.
(Thankfully, when Sevierville Mayor Atchely had the microphone, he said he would never order the American flag be removed from anything, and doesn’t anticipate any other city mayor doing that either.)

Here’s why I mention it in this email: As per the Constitution, the Republic has three equal branches of government; the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judiciary. One does not have authority over the other two. Nor is the Judiciary the final arbiter or law makers. Although an equally important branch of government, their constitutional jurisdiction stops at rendering opinion((s).

Wednesday, August 31, the Supreme Court of the United States ( SCOTUS ) handed down an incredibly asinine opinion:

Governor Pat McCrory of N. Carolina is a strong governor, standing up to Obama and his transgender bathroom edict. He understands that he is a governor of a sovereign state representing his constituents, and not merely a governor of a province enforcing unconstitutional edicts emanating from Washington. I would hope ( but not expect ) that the governor remembers President Andrew Jackson’s reply when the SCOTUS gave their opinion that the Trail of Tears was unconstitutional and ordered Jackson to stop. Jackson’s reply was simple: “That’s your opinion. Now, try to enforce it”.

Tennessee has strict voter I.D. laws in place. But after today’s ruling, I fully anticipate that our laws will be challenged as well. We need to engage our representatives, and remind them of the sovereignty they represent. I’ll keep you posted as to when our I.D. laws will be challenged, and what course of action we’ll need to take when the time comes.

In Liberty,
Steve Osborn
SCTP Chairman