The Republicans Did It To Us

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The Republicans Did It To Us
In my earlier email, I said I’d do some research on how our representatives voted when debating the fuel tax increase. The following is an email that our Vice Chairman is submitting to the Mountain Press.
In Liberty,
Steve Osborn
SCTP Chairman
Dear editor,
The full TN House of Representatives debated Governor Haslam’s IMPROVE Act, now called the Tax Cut of 2017 ( an oxymoron ), on Wednesday. The Act as proposed will raise fuel taxes on everyone who drives a vehicle, while reducing taxes for a select few in the state and giving certain Tennessee businesses a financial boost. Representatives Carr and Farmer voted in favor of the bill.
Representative Hawk from the Greenville area then proposed an amendment that would have taken a portion of new and used car sales tax, and divert it to increase TDOT funding without raising one cent of fuel tax. After much debate, most of it in favor of Hawk’s amendment, the amendment was voted down. Again, Representatives Carr and Farmer voted against the hawk amendment.
While both Carr and Farmer have voted for some good conservative issues in the past that benefit their constituents, their votes on Wednesday violated the fundamental principles of the republican platform; smaller government and lower taxes.
Representative Jerry Sexton of Bean Station said it best: “When you go to the pumps and pay more for gas, don’t blame the democrats. The republicans did it to you”.