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Only an idiot or a liberal will not acknowledge the successes Trump has accomplished on the world stage in such a short amount of time. ( “only and idiot or a liberal~~”. That’s kinda redundant, isn’t it.).

1) He cause the North Korean screwball to walk across the DMZ to shake hands with the South Korean president.

2) He caused the little twerp to release three American prisoners. And unlike Obama, Trump didn’t have to trade five        high-valued terrorists and pay a few hundred thousand dollars to ISIS to get one traitor released.

3) Trump riled the liberals by pulling out of the disastrous Iran nuclear deal.

4) And just this week, the American embassy in Israel was officially move to their nation’s capital, Jerusalem.

If the  Parliament of Norway hadn’t become a liberal outfit that generally awards the Nobel Peace Prize to socialist / Marxist liberals like Obama, Trump would receive one. He’s certainly deserves it. ( There are members of Congress who’ve signed petitions nominating Trump for that award based on his actual accomplishments. I’ll be surprised if he’ll be a Laureate.)

In spite of all that, Trump is still hounded by the witchhunt Mueller is conducting. I won’t go into how the investigation is a sham because you’re probably fully aware of the shenanigans used to hopefully arrive and the desired intent. And it all started with Jeff Sessions recusing himself from the start.

Trump is not shy about firing people in his administration, and we can only speculate as to why he hasn’t fired Sessions yet. But Sessions needs to be fired for allowing leftist operatives to undermine a legitimate presidency.

Because of that, a We the People petition has been penned. I’m sure you’ve heard about the We the People petition format. It was created by the Obama administration that states if there are 100,000 signatures attached, then the White House is require to respond. The program still exists, and we have an opportunity to use the leftist tool against the ones who created it.  The petition just may be the nudge that Trump needs to fire Sessions. I urge you to sign it so we can have a new Atty Gen who will shut this investigation down, and hold those involved in the sham responsible.



Steve Osborn

SCTP  Chairman

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor”.
our founding Fathers